Mobile Medical Clinic

On December 1, 2014 (the World IDS Day) the main partner of the Foundation “Way Home”, the ICF “Society Health Alliance” has provided the Foundation with an outreach mobile clinic.
Thanks to this clinic we could reach more effectively the target-groups and to provide outreach counseling and testing on HIV/AIDS and STD with a higher chances of early detection of diseases and their better treatment. The mobile clinic has given the Foundation a possibility to go to the distant places of Odessa region (settlements and villages).

The details of the mobile clinic functioning can be founded on: +38 (048) 717-31-38.

By virtue of the good technical equipment of the clinic, specialists of the Foundation “Way Home” can provide the whole range of services to provide for the different needs of clients in the different areas of the region, such as the towns of Chernomorsk, Belgorod-Dnestrovsk, Ismail and the surrounding settlements. We are also to be at the service of the other social organizations and health-promoting organizations. In order to do this, the establishment needs to send a preliminary request to the Foundation.

Sergey Kitsenko, the coordinator of the project “The Mobile Clinic” says: “The Clinic, working as a first aid service showed its high efficiency: the client can receive any service, provided in our projects, straight from the mobile clinic. By a very good co-working of the specialists within the projects we could cover a lot of new locations in Odessa region. A part of our addicted clients cannot go to Odessa for services or help, so the mobile clinic is very much needed. Also, by the means of the Clinic we are able to transpost analyses to the regional HIV/AIDS center in proper storage conditions”.

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