My health is my responsibility!

September 2, 2017, Odessa charity foundation “Way Home” with the support of USAID project «The HIV services reform in action», organized the open-air HIV informing event. The event included family doctors counseling of the city citizens on the questions associated with HIV.  The event took place in frames of the “USAir town” in Shevchenko Park in Odessa, performing work of the 16 NGOs, cooperating with USAID.

The “Way Home” Foundation in collaboration with USAid made a special present to the city on the city day of Odessa. In Shevchenko Park in Odessa, the family doctors provided free counseling for everyone interested in HIV topics, as well as other questions on family medicine and the present medicine reform.
Also, the visitors were informed on the new medical service, provided by the family doctors – the rapid testing on HIV with 99% validity of the result that the customer receives 15 minutes after being tested. Natalia Kitsenko, the head of the project “Sustainability of the HIV services”, stated: “Today we described Odessa citizens about the medical reform that starts from 2018? As well as spoke on the HIV services that we provide for the people – the professional HIV counseling and rapid testing, that the person can attain in the office of the family doctor. Children were also involved in the USAid event in the park. While adults were attending the consultancies, their children could get a pottery master classes, take part in a quest “My health – is my future!” The winners of the quest received the movie theater certificates. Tatiana Pilipenko, the organized of the quest said: “We tried to make the quest an educational event. The questions of the quest were dedicated to the HIV prevention, drugs and a healthy lifestyle. Also children leant to provide first aid. We hope all this will be useful to the children”.

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