New Project of the “Way home”

The “Way Home” Odessa charity Foundation is opening a new 2-years project on the Tuberculosis: diagnosing and treating TB patients among the people having a constant contact with TB patients in Odessa region.

The project “Optimisation of the TB diagnostics” will be realized by the “Way Home” Foundation in collaboration with the Odessa regional Center of the socialy significant diseases (headed by Svetlana Osipenko) and under the support of the Charity Fund “Allience of the health of the society”.
The statistics says that TB can be found among any social groups of people. Anyone can become ill. Anastasia Oley, the hear of the TB branch of the project “Optimisation of the TB dagnostics” spoke about the aim of the project: «The aim of the project is to reveal the keyses of TB among the TB-patients surrounding – i.e. the risk groups ».

The project is being financed by the Charity Foundation “The Society Health Allience ”.

She also mentioned that the pilot part of the project took place in the second half of 2018, and  was a success: 462 persons were tested and 19 among them were detected as having TB.

The TB risk groups include injecting drugs users, as well as people that were in jails for a long time and homeless people.

The project also include taking part in several events such as the Ukrainian anti-TB month

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