New Year theatrical play at the “Way Home”

December, 26, 2019, the New year theatrical play “The Belief in Miracles” took place in the “Way Home” charity Foundation.

It is since 2007 that Odessa charity foundation “Way Home” is showing it’s own theatrical play close to the New Year, and now it became a tradition. The specialty of the theater is that both – children of the Fund ad the adults – the stuff of the “Way Home” are taking part in the theater. This year’s play was called “The belief in Miracles”: 20children, the teachers, the social workers and the psychologists were there to perform in the play.

The play is based on the script of the famous Odessa writer Monya Rikun, who also was there to play and assist the director of the play. The director of the play is the PR-manager of the Fund – Artym Zverkov.

The evilest “green humans” kidnapped the Father Frost, so that the children could not receive their presents – and will not believe in good anymore and become bad adults. In order to help the situation, the elves from the miraculous factory are trying to find someone to play the Father Frost, but cannot find anyone accept for the fakers. Only after the appearance of a mysterious child with the gift of a magician, it becomes possible to bring back the Father Frost back, to give the children a chance to be more kind and believe in good.

Apart from the traditional theatrical means, this year the videosequence was used during the play: the two big screens were showing a recorded video during the play. Like this he children could not only learn to play on stage, but also to try themselves in the roles of a moviestar. The video shooting took place at the creative space CampusOdessa, with Michel Alexis Gauchart as a cameraman.

The play took place at the “Way Home” Center for the children.65 people saw the play. The big white screen was both, the curtain and the screen for the video as well as the background for the play.  Such a minimalistic picture allowed to bring all the audience attention to the actors. The play went well, both children and adults played well! The three of the actors were special during the show. Artyom Nagorny and Andrei Kaminski (who both played the elves) and Yaroslava Kistina (who, as strange as it is, played the Father Frost!)

We would like to thank each person who participated in the theater, especially small actors, who took the responsibility and ere coming to all the rehearsals, learned to be more responsible and learned to work in a team. These were the main aims of the New Year theaters – to learn the children to follow their intentions and to attain their goals.


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