Not a male profession?

Who had created an idea that the real man cannot work as a kindergarten teacher, a florist or a make-up artist?

The “Faith, Hope and Love” society decided to dispel the myth and organized the photo exhibition “Not a male profession?”

The photographer, Marina Shestakova, presented 40 portraits of men working in the, so called “female”, as well as men, who show by their life , how good the relations in the family can be.

The photographer captured the two men, working in the Way Home Foundation: Dmitri Poida, the kindergarten teacher from the “Smile” center and Nima Shaper, the volunteer from Germany.

Both men are leading interesting and educational classes and games for the children, as well as excursions and walks. Dmitri is a Montessory pedagogue, all toys and center equipment is made with his own hands. The Center is providing a humanistic approach to the children, so that they are able to express their essence and be independent, grow in the atmosphere of respect towards people and living beings.

Nima Schaper came here from Koln, and for already half a year is working within the “Smile” and “Big Family” Centers of the Foundation. He is in love with Ukrainian culture and Odessa spirit.

The exhibition took place in “Tatohab.Odessa” and was organized together with UN foundation “EU for gender equality” and financed by EU together with UNFPA.

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