Our Pottery Studio

The “Way Home” Odessa Charity Foundation is known apart from other activities, for the Charity social nets auctions of the pottery goods, made by the children of the shelter “Big Family” (one of the centers of the Fund). Also, the pottery souvenirs from the children of the  “Way Home” travel through the city – as a fair, visiting different companies and businessmen.Today we will tell you who is making all the pottery beauty in the «Way Home!

A few years ago the “Way Home” has made its dream come true and change an old storage house into the pottery studio. It has almost immediately become the favourite place for the children of the “Big Family” center – children living in difficult life situation. Under the support of the experienced teacher Anastasia Tiranova-Romanchuk, junior and senior children are learning the pottery craft for already some years.

Of course, all the lessons are free for the children. The only demand here is not to miss the classes.

One of the aims of the pottery studio of the Fund is to develop fine motor skills, bringing up the aesthetic taste, the feeling of beauty. Also the children’s visual and kinesthetic fields are developing during the pottery classes. A separate and important part of children taking part in studio activities is art therapy: the children can easier recover from various stresses they experienced through art, they learn to communicate better with both – adults and other children.

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