Outreach work in the “fields”

Outreach work is a method of interacting with the closed communities of the injecting drugs users, the official access to whom is not possible. The outreach work is a mandatory part of the structural parts of the programs for the Harm Reduction. It is being lead in places of living or functioning of the target groups of clients. The work can be done by the specialists without a specific education in the field, as well as the direct specialists of the area (social workers, doctors, healthcare workers, psychologists and sociologists). Often volunteers from the target groups help the specialists to provide the services.

Usually outreach target groups are very closed and it takes an effort to establish a contact with their members. That is why the outreach workers are usually the past-addicts, or the addicts with a minor addiction or clients of the replacement therapy. “Peer-to-peer support” here is the most effective, since the clients easier come to contact with the peers while the specialists of the Fund are consulting the clients about the services provided by the community-center “Trust”. On the map of the city region we mark the places of the drug trading and distributing, drugstores and the places where the consumers live. Then the outreach rout is being formed and the specialist starts ones work. The rout of course can be changed according to the changes of situation.  Now there are 14 main outreach rout in the city.

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