Big Family Center for Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation

Children and teenagers enter the Big Family Center in different ways: some are found off the streets, some find us themselves, some are sent by social services, some are brought in by their parents, who realize that they cannot take care for their children.

The Center is located in a separate building, where up to 30 children live in comfortable conditions, as similar as it is possible to a family environment. They develop during their leisure time, get education at nearby school. Many professionals work with the children, such doctor, lawyer, mentors, social workers, teachers, psychologists and psychotherapists. There is a strict daily routine, classes schedule, rules of residence. Pupils are taught valuable life skills.

It is important, that during the stay in the Big Family Center a child who came into a new friendly environment from a dysfunctional one, realizes that there are different positive ways to live and work towards ones future. That there is always a choice that they can make: to be successful, educated, wealthy, happy or not.

At the same time, we strongly encourage regular communication between the children and their families, and we work with parents to instill in them the values and skills of positive parenting and help them overcome a difficult period in their lives.

We try to ensure that our wards are provided with everything they need. You can also make a donation to support the Center or purchase things or products for the children of the “Big Family”. For more detailed information, please call +38 (068) 777 20 76.


Additional services of the Big Family Center for Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation 

Psychological adaptation. Most of the center’s residents are teenagers aged 12 to 18, who ended up in difficult life circumstances. Children go through the difficulties of transitional age, adolescence crisis, at this time the foundation of personality and foundations of relationships with other people are laid. Center’s psychologists conduct individual and group conversation-sessions with children, trainings for older children and developmental classes for younger groups. A variety of life situations and problems are discussed such as: relations between children and parents, difficulties in communicating with peers, poor performance at school, future self-realization, fear of difficulties. Our professionals work with children to form an active life position.

Social and legal support. Enrollment of children from disadvantaged and low-income families to schools, collecting a necessary documents for admission to a university. Help with the documents: birth certificates, passports, identification codes, solving other legal issues for the family.

Catch-up School. Many adolescents who live in a shelter are lagging behind the regular school curriculum, but want to continue their education or get a profession. Teachers constantly work and communicate with the students of the Center. For them, additional classes in school subjects are held, as well as creative and sports sections and clubs.

The Big Family Center works around the clock, 7 days a week at the address: Odessa, st. Sofievskaya, 10. For questions about enrolling a child or helping the Center, please call tel. (068) 777-20-76.

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