Psychotropic and other drug substances use prevention in the probation system

February 15, 2021, Maxim and Inna Alimov leaded an educational and informational class in the Primorski regional probation* center (of Odessa Charity Foundation). The aim of the class is to increase the knowledge of people on the TB and drug problem and the consequences of drug abuse.

The participants could attain the knowledge about the way tuberculosis is being transmitted, the symptoms of the illness, the prevention and treatment of TB. Also, they could path the lung scan and other investigations (covered by the “Way Home”).

Maxim Alimov spoke on the harm of the drugs and  emphasized that the “Way Home” foundation has the possibility to help people who use drugs, but have a strong wish to stop it. The treatment and further support can be provided here. Maxim described the real stories of people who applied and received help within the Fund.

The meeting ended with the question-answer part, where everyone got the detailed answers to their questions.

*Probation – is the system of supervisory and socio-educational measures towards the people who wemt through the court procedures without being in jail.

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