Care and support for the children

Every child has the right for a safe and happy life, regardless of the family’s means and circumstances! For many years Way Home made sure that this became a reality for hundreds of children who faced difficulties.

We help in crisis situations: when children have nowhere to live or have lack of food, when it is impossible to find place for a child in public kindergarten, when children live on the streets, when children are not looked after or when the situation in the house is unsafe for a child.

The Way Home Foundation has seven service centers for the Children. Three Centers for Early Development and Creativity for preschoolers, with using Montessori method. Rehabilitation and Social Adaptation Center for Children from 7 years old with the functions of a shelter, the Service Center for Street Children and Adolescents, the Social Educational Agricultural Enterprise in the village, the Center for Education and Development for Children from 7 years old with clubs and studios.

The centers works for free thanks to the regular support from caring people and organizations.

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We can find an approach to any child, even the most difficult ones, because we believe in them and always take into account their unique situations. Our kids don’t run away from shelter! They study hard,  have fun with friends, develop their talents and think about the future. We also support and teach their parents methods of positive parenting. Soon our graduates successfully find their place in life and return to visit us.

Depending on the needs of the children, qualified psychologists, social workers, speech therapists, art therapists, teachers, lawyers and other specialists work with families in all the centers of the Way Home Foundation.

Children have a wonderful time at the Foundation. A dance and theater studio, a football team, a jewelry workshop, a pottery studio, an art studio, a blogging and journalism school, classes in school subjects, cultural events and much more are available for them. In the summer, our children have the opportunity to rest and recover in a camp by the sea. These classes can be attended not only by the Foundation’s charges, but also by guests – our doors are always open for everyone!


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