Rapid HIV-testing now can be done at the offices of the family doctors of Odessa

Starting from September 29, 2017 five offices of the first medical help will have a new service  – counseling and rapid testing on HIV.

Starting from now, anyone can find out the one’s own HIV status, just by visiting on of these family doctor’s offices in Odessa. In case of the positive result of the test, the patient will be provided by the forwarding document to the specific establishments, working with HIV patients. Implementing of the HIV testing is being done in frames of the project “Sustainability of the HIV services” that is being leaded by Odessa city council and Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” under the support of the USAid project “HIV Reform in Action”.

«We are in the process of building the most effective system of the HIV diagnostics. The rapid HIV testing in frames of the family doctors’ offices is the first step of implementing this system. Thanks to this step we will be able to find out people with HIV an to provide the in-time and appropriate help for them. Like this the risk of the late diagnostics and treatment can be stopped», — says Vitali Novosvitny, the chief doctor of the city center for AIDS treatment and prevention.

«In frames of the “Sustainability” project we are joining the efforts of te local administration in creating an effective model of providing HIV services, as well as the system of financing these important services for the most risky groups of people and people already living with HIV», — Natalia Kitsenko, the head of the project, stated.

Now the rapid tesing on HIV can be done in the five offices of the family doctors on:

  • Semen Paliya street, 83/1

  • Luzanovskaya street, 67

  • Akademika Zabolotnigo street, 59/1

  • Geroev oborony street, 52

  • 43-rd liniya 17/1.

The plans are to open the HIV services in every first aid center of the city.

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