Replacement Therapy is now available in Belgorod-Dnestrovsk

November 24, 2017, the new office of the Replacement Therapy (RT) was opened in the city hospital for the patients with the opioid drug dependency. The opening of the office happens to be a part of the pilot project “The sustainability of  the HIV services” implemented by the regional government, “Way Home” Odessa Charity Foundation under the support of USAid “Reform in Action” project.

The opening of the RT-medical office in the city is an important step on the was of implementing a sustainable HIV service in the area. Now the patients do not have to go to Odessa every day to receive the RT-medications – all the necessary help can be provided here, in the city hospital, including the replacement medications.

During the opening ceremony, the head of the project, Natalia Kitsenko expressed gratitude to all of those participated in organizing the RT-office in the hospital: «Thank you for your braveness and care of the people who need the replacement therapy. It does not matter, what social status the RT patient has, – first of all, they are humans who need our medical support. Right now we are opening the unique RT-office in the hospital. There is nothing like that in Odessa or Odessa region. We will share this unique experience with the all the regional officials during the final conference with the governmental officials. I hope the patients will accept our help and will start coming here to receive the RT».

The technical equipment as well as the training of the doctor was made by the means of  the pilot project.

By implementing the RT in the area it is expected to increase the level of HIV infection and and level of crime, associated with the street drug abuse, people with the opioid drug dependency will be able to receive the legal medications that replace the drugs – for the benefit of their health and the chance to start a new healthy life.

Igor Desyatnik, the head doctor of the Dnepropetrovsk city hospital said that the opening of the RT office is a new experience for the staff of the hospital and that the replacement therapy is ready to get started!

We are reminding that until today there was only one RT office in the whole region – in Izmail city.  In Odessa city itself so far there were only 2 offices in frames of the tuberculosis hospital and in the HIV hospital of the city. The third office has juct been opened in Kievski region of the city on November 20, 2017 , also in frames of the “Sustainability of the HIV services” project.

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