Shelter «Big family» Shelter «Big family»
Shelter «Big family»

Shelter «Big family»

bf4Children and teenagers get in the repair for children “Big Family” in different ways: somebody is found in the street, someone comes on his own, some children are brought by parents realizing that they are unable to bring a kid up; someone is directed by government services. The repair for children is located in a separate building and occupies the entire floor. There are 8 triple rooms: 4 rooms for girls and 4 rooms for boys, toilets and showers, the room for educator and psychologist. We have all the conditions for permanent residence of children and adolescents, organization of their ultimate nutrition, recreation, education and health care. Teachers, social workers, educators, psychologists and therapists, a doctor, and a lawyer work with children. Here is a strict daily routine, class schedule, and rules of residence. In the repair for children “Big Family” foster children are taught useful life skills: girls – sewing and handicraft, boys – repair works.

The target group of repair for children “Big Family” is children and adolescents with experience of street life, as the result they lost social binds and skills, but possess high motivation to re-socialization, education, return to their families, school, etc.

Social and legal support. 
Setting a child to school and collecting documents for admission to university is a problem for children from disadvantaged and low-income families. Similar problems arise when restoring documents – birth certificates, passports, identification codes, etc. When looking at the list of institution in which it is necessary to apply, many people simply give up. In the Repair for children “Big Family” solving such problems is not new.
Knowledge alignment school. Many adolescents staying in the repair for children lived in the streets, so they leg behind the regular school program, but want to continue their education or to get a profession. Teachers and educators constantly work and communicate with foster children of the Repair. They have additional classes in the humanities and the exact sciences, in computer science in here, there are also clubs and sections (for details – read the article “Bridge to the Future” in the next pages).

Psychological adaptation. Most of the inmates of the children’s center are adolescents between the ages of 12 to 20. It is the very period, when the children are living through difficulties of the transition age, youth crisis, their self-esteem is formed, the foundation of relationships with others is established, and the groundwork of future is formed. The psychologists of the Center carry out individual and group interviews with the children; they organize training sessions for senior and developmental activities for the younger groups. During interviews or lessons a variety of life’s problems is discussed: the relationship of children and parents, difficulties with peers, failure at school, fear of difficulties; the work on the formation of an active life position is carried out.


bf1 Shelter «Big family» Shelter «Big family»

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