Six tons of humanitarian aid came to the “Way Home” from Denmark

January, 12, 2018, «BIIR Ukraine» engineering company had forwarded 6 tons of humanitarian aid, that was collected by the Charity organization «Help Ukraine» from Denmark. Clothes for children and youth was collected in Denmark in frames of the work of the charity company “Help Ukraine” for several months. Our partners from “BIIR Ukraine” had forwarded us the goods.

«We have brought the goods to Ukraine, that our partners were collecting. Our company took all the transportation expenses on ourselves», – said the director of the company Dinara Akjigitova. She had also mention that the company is cooperating with the Fund for already more then half a year: the representatives of the company are visiting the children of the Fund, spending time with the clients of the “Way Home”, living in difficult life situation and children from the IDP families. «Our company is also an IDP. We also had to move from Lugansk to Odessa in 2014. We know well, how difficult it is to get settled in a new environment. We are planning to continue our cooperation with the “Way Home” to be able to keep helping the people in need together», Dinara added.

The “Way Home” is planning to distribute clothes and goods not only for its own clients: the help will be provided to the clients from the partner organizations. Sergey Kostin, the head of the “Way Home” stated that in all of the centers of the Fund over 300 children will receive the clothes and shoes: « I would like to express gratitude to absolutely every person, involved in this project. Part of the aid will be distributed to the partner organizations – NGO’s that have required to participate in advance».

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