Small children from the “Way Home” took part in the springtime celebration.

February 22, 2017, the children from the pre-school center “Smile” took part in the party, dedicated to the spring coming. Parents were invited to the party. They could not only watch the celebration, but also take part in it.  

It is not the first time that the children from the “Smile” Center are taking part in different seasonal celebrations. They always appreciate these holidays and take them very serious. This time they also were preparing for the party: they were memorizing poems, making theater rehearsals and were waiting to perform.
The atmosphere of the celebration was very open. Audience was applauding a lot after each performance. During one of the competition games parents could play together with the children.  The celebration finished with the surprise – the bubble machine that produced a lot of soap bubbles. The children were catching them and had a lot of fun.
The event was organized by Victoria Pilyuta, the 3rd year student of the Odessa Theater College – she had a professional practice at the “Way Home”.

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