“Sport for the children” project. Report from day 17.

Sport for the children – is a new project, organized by the “Way Home” together with NGO «Sport Socium» and t’s president Vitaly Gilevich.

Three open sport trainings that collect donation for children of the “Way Home” already took place in Odessa. Anyone could take part in the training. The first training that was lead by Vitaly Gilevitch and the boxer Cirill Moga (the “12 ounces” boxers club) was dedicated to the boxing beginners trainings.

The second charity training was fully organized in karate style. Pavel Vinnichenko, the judge of the Ukraininan and European karate championships, the 2nd dan karate, showed the participants the traditional karate training.

The third, fitness training was lead by Veronika Yakovenko.

5671,75 hrivna was collected so far in the frames of the trainings project!

The participants expressed their gratitude and great feelings for aving such a nice charity project in the city. The new trainers and participants are joining the project. In order to take part in the support of the children of the city living in difficult life situation.

The project is aiming to collect 1 mln hrivna for the children of the “Way Home”!

The coming trainins schedule:

June 23, 2019. 10 am, Laguna beach sport quarter. Trainer – Julia Harisidi

 July 7, 2019. 7 am, “Langeron” beach, pilates. Trainer – Anastasia Chenievskaya

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