St Nikolas Day

December. 19, 2018. The “Way Home” Foundation organized the celebration of St. Nikolas Day.

The Day of St. Nikolas is one of the most favorite holiday among the children. Prior to the holiday, the children write the letters to the saint, where they express wishes for the well being of their family and relatives recall good and bad actions during the year and count which ones were more during the period.  The legend says that those who behave well will find the presents under the pillow, the others – won’t.

And, of course, all the children of the Fund were behaving good and have received the presents. Prior to the holiday the representatives of the private gymnasium “Mria”, just as they do for over 11 years, had visited the “Way Home” children to bring them the New Year presents. This year the guests brought warm clothes, toys, fruits and sweets.

On the nest day the children and teachers from Odessa Ukrainian Gymnasium №7 came to visit the children of the Fund. For several years this school also visits the children, living in the Fund. This year they have brought the sweets and fruits to the children and also showed them the theatrical play about life of St. Nikolas.  We are cordially greeting the guests and express our gratitude for the support and remembering our children on the New year Eve. Thanks to you the children of the Fund can feel the warmth of your hearts and receive great impressions of kindness.

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