Stand with Ukraine!

Greater Than Zero Percent (GTZP) is the US-based project that find people and organizations that are changing the world and sharing their story. They shared our story as well:

In this episode, we hear from Way Home Foundation, a nonprofit located in Odessa, Ukraine. Since their founding in 1996, the organization has supported Ukrainian families facing complicated situations including poverty, substance abuse, and domestic violence. They offer shelter, rehabilitation programs, psychological help, educational programs, mentorship, and more.

In response to the Russian attacks, Way Home Odessa has created an emergency assistance plan including relocating people from their crisis center and Ukrainian refugees to the neighboring nations. They are also creating and distributing food packages and other essentials, equipping their bomb shelters for people to stay for extended periods of time, and providing psychological help.

Listen to the episode to hear from Anna Trepalyuk, the VP of Strategic Planning, Fundraising, and Communications at Way Home Odessa. Anna provides a first-hand account of what herself, her family, and the Ukrainian people are experiencing. She also offers resources for us to help. Way Home Odessa is taking donations through Global Giving so they can support their people to the best of their abilities. Visit the link in our bio to support them and listen to the episode to hear about this organization and the current situation in Ukraine.


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