Stop the Violence on Children!

Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” Under the financial and technical support of INSPIRE Fund и Ignite Philanthropy, opened the project “Improving the system of violence against children prevention, based on the INSPIRE strategies».

The aim of the project is to increase the potential of the governmental and non-governmental structures working in the field of countering violence against children as well as the assistance in implementation of the INSPIRE complex at the regional level.

The number of educational and communicational projects for the governmental stuff and NGO specialists are planned to be held within the project. The participants will get to know INSPIRE protocols and strategies of work with the violence against children field, adapted for the local framework.

«The lack of the professional skills among the specialist working with violence topics is evident. The educational program within the INSPIRE approach is a very good and skill for everyone in the field. The program will be held both, life and online – in order to cover the largest number of specialists.

State establishments are working well with the consequences of violence, but are not trained enough to work with the prevention of violence among in the society. In the fields of violence prevention it is essential for the common work of state administrations, NGO and the international companies working in the fields? – said Anna Trepalyuk, the manager of the “Improving the system of violence against children prevention, based on the INSPIRE strategies» project.

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