Success stories

Success stories

The Story of Andrey

Andrey is always happy when the children of the Fund are visiting the agricultural Fund of the “Way Home ”.  He like to take care of the fruit trees and vegetable plantations here and, of course, to collect the harvest. Looking at him one cannot imagine that six months ago this active child could not communicate to anyone and even wanted to escape from the Fund.  Andrey is from a difficult family. For many reasons his mother could not pay attention to his son and had to bring him to...
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The Story of Anton

In the summer of 2009 the patrol of Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” found a woman and a child living on the open air, in the park of the city. The social workers of the Fund advised a woman to bring the 9-year-old Anton to the shelter of the Fund, where he would be able to receive all the necessary social and educational services.  While being at the Center of the Fund, we found out that the woman came of Odessa from far away in order to make living here,...
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Uneasy life of an unusual child

Usually it is the parents that bring the child to the early development center “Sunrise”, but in case of Nikita, it was different. Nikita came to the center together with his friend Dima, who is 6 and who usually come to the “Sunrise”. Nikita could not say anything about either himself or the parents, and even the most simple tests  could not reveal anything – the boy was so much neglected. One could see that the parents do not care about the child at all. The center specialists went to...
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The Story of Veronica

Veronica was born in a large family with two sisters and a brother – in Kherson city. They all lived with their mother in an old rented house without hot water and a gas. While the father was out of the city for the earnings – the children were basically by themselves – the mother did not care well of them all, was drinking a lot. The children stopped going to school, spending most of the time on the streets, begging for money. Soon the owners of the house decided...
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