Summer Camp 2016

Pupils of OCF “Way Home” went to summer health improvement camp. Next two months children together with mentors will spend their time in camp “Blue horizons” that is located in village Morskoe that is in Koblevo area (Nikolayev oblast’.)

During nine years “Way Home” Foundation organizes for children that are in difficult life situations, a recreation in summer camp. When tourist movement have just appeared, children jointly with mentors have got out of town to the seacoast and set a tent camp, where during two months were actively spending their time. Now the way of “tourism” has changed a little – instead of tents there are comfortable houses on the camp site, where there are own kitchen, shower and toilet. Children are expected sea, sun, beach, fun and games. In addition, Foundation pupils, jointly with mentors plan, as well as last year, to carry out “green” promotion entertainment, to organize concerts and other events for campers.
30 children from “Large Family” shelter, “Bridge to Future” and “Open Doors” centers, were sent to summer camp for having recreation during summer period. Important to mention that even the most little kids of the Foundation that are graduated from Early Development Center “Smile”  are also sent to the summer camp  – for them it is the first trip to the camp. In next few days children together with mentors will be engaged in furnishing their rooms, food blocks and, of course, sunbathing and swimming in the sea. Hopefully, the recreation in summer camp will may be much good do them!
Vika, 14 years old: For me, this is the first trip to summer camp. I hope, it will be interesting, we have a very friendly and cheerful team, and of course our mentor will not let us to get bored!
Yaroslav, 8 years old: I waited much for this day and finally I go to the summer camp! Already in evening I packed my beg, and after during long time could not sleep. So we’re going for vacation! We are waiting for the sea and a lot of interesting games!
Valentine, 12 years old: I like to have rest in summer camp. We also go to the seacoast in Odessa, but there will be everything different – the sea is near, about few minutes by walk, and you’re on the beach. During whole day I can sunbath and swim.
Pasha, 7 years old: I’m going to camp for the first time. I finished my first grade this year and moved to the second, and before that attended the “Smile” center. I knew that guys go to summer camp every year, so that finally they took me! I really want to see what my friends were telling me.

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