Summer camp Summer camp
Summer camp

Summer camp

SummerCamp1While the last seven years, the Foundation “Way Home” organize for the children a vacation to the summer camp. When the tourist movement has just begun, the children with the teachers get out of the city, to the beach, make tent camps, where they actively spend two months of their time. In recent years, the format of “tourism” has changed significantly. Now, instead of tents and a steaming pot on the fire, boys have comfortable rooms for rest and breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared in the kitchen.

During the summer season at the health camp of the Foundation “Way Home” include more than 80 children of different ages, from 10 to 18 years old. The guys live as a single team, work together, solve problems together, rest together, and go to the sea. The instructors try to diversify children’s activities. They arrange for the children quests, an orienteering competitions, and sports: football, basketball, volleyball, and track and field athletics. Psychologists conduct a variety of training, involving not only the kids of the Foundation, and the other guys from the neighborhood. At the territory of the holiday camp it is organized a variety of concerts and events, and the children of OCF “Way Home” are their permanent members. In addition to this, children not only have rest and play, but also conduct environmental activities at the seaside: clean the mess on the beach and in the forest, plant plants.

The mission of the summer camp – is to give children the chance to feel how is to be a child, to help them not only to forget about their problems, but also about their harmful habits of the past. Their hard past should be left behind, because now everything has changed. No more need to tramp in search of the most important things, without what anyone can survive, such as: warmth, comfort, understanding and support, shelter and food. Now all these guys have everything. At the summer camp children get what they have been deprived in their past – it is a simple human communication, attention and care. We want them to know that there are those who really care for them, that they are important for someone. Here they have real friends.

Only one thing always remains the same – is the sea. That is situated very close. There nothing to pass – and you’re on the beach, near the vast surface of the water. The sands surrounds, the sun shines brightly over the beach, the grate flight of the seagulls, on the horizon everyone can see the silhouettes of commercial and passenger ships. Areal place where every person can relax, swim, sunbathe, play games with friend. The only pity is that the summer will end and the rainy autumn will come with its’ cold winter. But the thoughts and memories of the spent time at a summer camp, will warm ever child until next year before the new meeting with the sea, sun and summer emotions.

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, 2016-07-04

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