Summer Сamp

Every summer, since 2006, the Way Home Foundation arrange summer camp for its wards. Previously, children, together with the teachers, camped with their tents by the seashore outside of the city, where during the summer months they spent time learning and enjoying summer activities. Now, at their favorite camp place, instead of tents and cooking by the fire, recreation center was built for the children with comfortable rooms and spacious kitchen.

During the summer season, Recreational Camp of Way Home Foundation can fit up to 80 children of different ages, from 8 to 18 years old. Children live as the team, solve problems together, relax together, go to the seashore.

The professionals at the Camp try to create different fun activities for the children. They organize quests and sports competitions: football, basketball, volleyball, athletics. Psychologists conduct a variety of trainings, that involve not only Foundation’s dependents, but also other children living in the area.

At the Camp children not only relax and play, but also are taught to care about environmental, held environmental actions: clean up garbage at the seaside and in the forest, and plant trees.

It is important to help children forget about problems, and about their past addiction habits. All this burden must be left behind. They no longer need to look for something that any person cannot live without: warmth, comfort, understanding and support, a roof over their head and food. Our youths now have all this. We want them to know what real care and attention is, that friendship is great.

The sea always remains unchanged. As always it is nearby. Just a small walk – and you are at the beach, by the endless water surface. There is sand around you, the sun is shining brightly, seagulls fly over the beach, and silhouettes of ships are seen on the horizon. One can relax, swim, sunbathe, play games with friends … It’s a pity that summers come to the end, rainy autumn will follow, and then cold winter comes. But memories of the happy time spent in the summer camp will keep us warm until next year, until reunion with the sea, the sun and summer emotions!

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