The 9th Annual charity marathon “Lets present children a Holiday!” has been completed.

Thanks to the traditional marathon, organized by the “Way Home” Odessa Charity Foundation on the New Year 530 children and young people living in difficult life circumstances have received their personal presents. These are the children from poor families, IDP families, families in crisis as well as (this year) – children from the orphanage of Petroverovka settlement, Odessa region.

This year, thanks to the marathon 530 children and youth living in difficult life situation could receive their presents.

530 children and young people of the “Way Home” could receive their New Year gifts this year!

This year marathon lasted longer than the New Year holidays – we cannot always control things – but still, even a bit later, but everyone got their long-awaited presents! The first New Year tree for the marathon was set up on November 29 and the last presents were given to the children on January 23.

We would like to send thanks to each and every participant of our charity marathon – those who bought or send the children presents, helped organizing it, bringing up one’s own peace of a heart! Thank you for paying attention and having care to the children and young people in need. With the common efforts, we could create a real holiday to the children!



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