The Big ones

A unique person and a teacher – a writer, Alexander Makarov, works in the “Way Home” Fund. He is not only writing and printing books, but also teaching handmade jewelry classes. Alexander wrote and printed about 10 books, wrote many articles and novels. “The secrets of old antiquarians”, “King’s hobby”, “The course for the young antiquarian”, “Coins from the grandfather’s suitcase”, “Grandfather goes to school”, “Computer programs for the writers” – these are just a few of the works of Alexander Makarov, that you can find in the internet shops and on the shelves of the bookstores. Alexander was a teacher for many years, for his book “Grandfather goes to school” was awarded the teacher’s award named after Marakenko. Now for some years Alexander is bringing his love to the children of the “Way Home”. Here for many years he is teaching journalism and a jewelry classes. The children learn to make things from simple everyday materials. Then the children can sell them at the charity markets and forward the money to the needs of the “Way Home” children.

 The teacher and the children of the “Way Home” became the heroes of the program “The Big Ones” on the local TV-channel.

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