The Championship of the Equal

May 24, 2018, the street soccer team of the “Way Home” composed from the people living in difficult life situations, took place in the “Championship of Equal”, which was organized by UEFA right before the nation Champion’s League 2018.

The “Championship of Equal” was opened by the presentation game of the Ukrainian national street soccer team, that will present the country at the next Homeless World Cup 2018.

The Mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klichko, has attended the Opening ceremony of the Championship, he even played with the team players on a field. «Soccer – is a game of millions of people of any sex, age or social differences! These are the main values, transmitted by the UEFA in the project of “The Equal Game. The Cup is encouraging the motivation and the strength of participants, so that they can be more confident in their life afterwards” – the Mayor said.

The game took place in fan-zone of Kreschatik, in frames of the «Equal Game» project of UEFA.

The social integration of people in crisis through the sports is a very successful social service, especially within soccer, because this sport is erasing the borders between people.The “Way Home” is integrating people to the society through the street soccer since 2004, inviting people in difficulty to join the soccer trainings. The team then take part in the annual special events: the Homeless World Cup and the European Street Soccer Championship.



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