The children from the Fund will rest in the summer camp.

June 20, 2017, the children from the Fund went to the summer camp. The camp will operate for 2 months. The children will rest from the city noise, at the sea coast.

The summer camp is being organized annually for the children from the crisis families. The children cam rest at the coast, swim and bath at the sun, take parts at the events and parties. First days of the camp will be dedicated to the organizing of the camp; children and adults will help each other to settle down at the camp site. The following days the children also will clean the beaches – they will collect the garbage from the sand of the coast to make the territories of the site completely clean. Also, children will play games and quests, soccer and other games.

The children shared their expectations on the camp.

Yaroslava, 10 years old: “I have waited for the morning to come, did not sleep, ready to depart for the camp. I wish I run fast into the sea waves and then swim for a long time!

Sasha, 13 years old: “I know every road and every house in the camp, I can even walk with the blindfold on there! It is great to leave the city, I know we will spend great time there!”

Dasha, 15 years old:”It is not the first time I am going to the camp. I really enjoy it there. I have even created and want to organize an interesting game with the other children. I have even written it down into my notebook. Hope my friends will like it.”

Sisters Julia (8) and Nastya (9): ”Hurray! We are going to the camp! We have been waiting for 1 year!”

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