The children from the “Way Home” Foundation organized the neighborhood clean-up.

April 6, 2017. The children from the “Way Home” had a day of the work-party at the neighborhood. They cleaned their own mini-yard, the local neighborhood yard, planted lilacs and mulberries.

Children were happy to collect the garbage and the dry leaves together, swept the roads, planted trees. They were very happy to have a labor party and worked very actively. Now they can see the results of their work, some of them will be seen in a month – when the trees start being green.
We hope that our initiative will be seen by the neighbors of the Center on Sofievskaya, 10 and that the adult neighbors will be more clean and will not leave the litter right in the yard of the neighborhood.

After the work was finished. The children shared the impressions of the day.

Nika, 15: “We have collected really a lot of garbage. There are litter boxes, but people keep dropping everything on the ground.

Vlad, 13: “We got rid of the big tree old stump. Five people had to work to take it out. It was dry. On the place of the old stump, we planted the mulberry tree, so I hope it will grow very big.

Nastya, 8:”I was swiping the roads and my sister Yulia was collecting the dust. Then we were carrying the dry branches and leaves to the garbage bin”.

Oleg, 14: “We worked really great. We were digging, made a flowerbed, where girls planted the lilac. Hope it will be beautiful. I wish people from the neighborhood who come here to rest, will never leave the place full of litter. It was too much of it. I wish these people see us and come to help.

Jenya, 14:”I liked planted the trees, but the main thing is that we could get rid of all the garbage, which was a lot. I hope people see all this beauty and will never drop garbage here again”.

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