The “Children’s Dream” started in the “Way Home”

The children from the “Way Home” Charity Foundation had a meeting with a children’s writer, Inna Istchuk, at the Children’s Center of the Fund at Sofievskaya, 10. The meeting with a writer was organized by the IT-company «Dowell».

The charity initiative “Children’s Dream” is organizing a number of events for the children of the Foundation, that would benefit the children’s choices of profession and make the world a little bit kinder. On December 21, 2016, the children of the Foundation meet with the Inna Istchuk, the writer, and also with the very known children’s writer and a teacher Alexander Makharov. Children and writers wrote a fairy tale together, then they were invited for a walk, during which the children could complete the tasks of the mobile application WeLove, developed by the «Dowell» company. Children said they were very glad by how the whole event went: they enjoyed creating a fairytale, as well as to participate in tests from the application. The organizers of the initiative “Children’s  Dream” have concluded the meeting with the following: «Children are the flowers of life, and they have to be taken care of. It is a fashion to talk on economy or political disasters, sitting in warm comfortable offices, or in cafes. But you dare to come and talk about your problems to these children! It depends on us – who they become, when they will grow up. One has to dream in order to attain the goals, one has to bring his dream through all his life. Many parents are suppressing the dreams of the children, taking decisions that oppose their dreams, or by being inattentive to the children.  Then what to say about these children – who do not have the usual childhood and who are left one on one with their lives so early. We are trying to give them the least thing – the Faith in their own power, the hope that there is place for happiness in their lives, and a bit of out attention. Today we have wrote our first fairy tale together. Something was funny and naïve today, something was incredibly deep.”



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