The everyday life of the “Way Home” summer camp

The annual summer camp that is organized be the OCF “Way Home” as several years already been done, is happily going on.

The first days of the camp were fully dedicated to settling down and inhabiting the place: the rooms, cleaning the territory, schedule in the kitchen, etc. But of course, children were going to the beach and were swimming in the sea. Also, they had a soccer game with the team from the neighborhood camp, where the Fund children won with the score 3:0.
The following days will be filled with the series of quests. As in the previous years, the topics of the quests will be created by the children, and the prizes for the teams will be given by the teachers. The health of the children is one of the main tasks to be taken care of during the camp. Children have morning exercises daily, during the day, they play active games (soccer, volleyball, basketball) to strengthen the health of children.

The education during the camp also happens, despite the summer holidays – children read books, play intellectual games to be prepared for the new school year.

The mission of the summer camp of the “Way Home” Fund is to give the children an opportunity to feel themselves happy children, to have great vacations and to let go of the heavy load of problems of their lives as well as to forget of the bad habits that they used to have. In the summer camp, the children can receive something they are missing in their lives – the warmth of home, understanding and support, as well as the healthy food and sportive trainings for their better health.

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