The HIV project “Sustainability…” keeps going on

August 18, 2017, the pres-conference hall of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk dentist clinic welcomed the common meeting for the working groups of the project “Sustainability of the HIV Services”.  The representatives from both – governmental and NGO organizations were present.

The deputy head of the state department Galina Arkhipenko opened the meeting by expressing gratitude to the present members of the project for attending the event and for making the project going on. The head of the budget and finances state committee Leonid Kondratyuk forwarded his speech to the groups, pointing that all the stages of the project are happening in their planned dates. The head of the social research, monitoring and evaluation office of the project introduced the analysis of the effectiveness of the reforms, implemented within the project on the territory of the Belgorod-Dnestrovsk city and region. The meeting ended with the speech of Natalia Kitsenko, the head of the project, who thanked  everyone for their work and expressed hope that the planned activities of the project will be accomplished with high effectiveness and in time.

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