The money for the repairmen of the roof of the pottery house of the “Way Home”!

110 838 hrivna are collected by the “Way Home” to repair the roof of the pottery house, where the children living in difficult life situation have their free classes of pottery.The money were collected within the crowdfinding platform “My City”, the name of the online project was called “The palms of Kindness”.

A few years ago the dream of the “Way Home” came true – it opened the pottery studio in the ex abandoned factory storage house. Here we have the real pottery wheel and a kiln. Each month over 60 children living in difficult life situations visit the pottery studio. Here under the care of the teachers any child can attain pottery skills for free. But, at the moment, the work of the pottery studio is currently stopped, because the roof of the building dilapidated and started leaking after the heavy snowfall and rain. It became simply impossible to work with the children there anymore.

The campaign of the collecting the money lasted for exactly 3 months: from December 26 to March 26. The exact sum of money were collected. It will be enough not only to buy the materials, but also to cover the expenses of the work itself.

The process of renovation will start in the middle of April, when it becomes warmer. Hopefully by June 1 (The Children’d Day) the work will be finished!

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