The “New Year Miracle” in “The Way Home”

Children from “The Way Home” Fund finished the year with the theatrical play and musical “The New Year Miracle”.

Every year during winter holidays the staff and the children of the Fund are staging a theatrical play, where all of them take part. The script is being written and the roles are distributed in advance. Then everyone is taking part in common rehearsals. In 2016 20 people took part in the play, most of them were the children of different age. All of them approached their task with big responsibility: learning the words, dances and songs from the play.
Despite the fact that the theatrical curtain wall fell down in the middle of the play this year – the play went with a success and no one was disturbed. With common effort the curtain was put back and the play went on. The play was very kind and the audience was applauding very long and liked it so much.
After the play was finished the real Santa Clause came in. He was not only singing, but also danced, so that everyone started dancing with him: both actors and audience. At the end of the evening the children from the Fund received New Year presents that were collected commonly during the traditional annual Charity marathon.
Thank you, all of the participants of the play and all f the audience for their active presence at the celebration!!!

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