The parcel from France reached the summer camp of the “Way Home” Fund

The children from the “Way Home” Foundation Camp received the parcel from the friend of the Fund from France, volunteer Pascal Kapusta.

Early morning of June 28, 2017 started with a surprise – the huge parcel that came from France. There the children found the swimming suits, the baseball caps, swimming mattresses, balls, hygiene tools, mosquito sprays, as well as the table games. Pascal Kapusta, the volunteer from France, is supporting the Fund since 2016, when he has to know us for the first time. Since then, Pascal is regularly helping the Fund with goods, in November 2016, he provided clothes and tools for the soccer team of the Foundation, and this time he provided a lot of necessary things for the children in the camp.

The mission of the summer camp of the “Way Home” Fund is to give the children an opportunity to feel themselves happy children, to have great vacations and to let go of the heavy load of problems of their lives as well as to forget of the bad habits that they used to have. In the summer camp, the children can receive something they are missing in their lives – the warmth of home, understanding and support, as well as the healthy food and sportive trainings for their better health


The children of the Fund are sending biggest thank you to Pascal Kapusta for his present, which was much needed! Thank you!

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