The Right on Health

The “Way Home” under the support of UNISEF is working on the very new practice of helping the children and families  in difficult life situation to receive the complex medical and social services.

April 19, 2018, the “Way Home” organized the round table called “Modeling the family medicine services” which will be developed and implemented under the support of the children Fund of UNISEF.

The participants of the round table were the representatives of the local government, medical institutions and NGOs.

“We want to simplify the access of the children and families in crisis, risk group family members and IDP families to the medical and social services within the family medicine reform in the communities”, – Natalia Vegriyan, the coordinator of the project says. She pointed also that due to the beginning of the health reform in the country, the mentioned groups of people might start having difficulties accessing the medical services. “In frames of the project, we are giving the opportunity to our clients to sign an agreement with the family doctor who will provide the necessary medical services to them in the full range and in accordance with the national law”. The team of the project is planning to define the obstacles the target groups might have in their way to receive the qualitative medical services, and to find the ways to overcome these obstacles.

The target groups of the project  are:
— Children aged 3-7 from families with the high risk of HIV infection;
— Children and youth aged 6-18 from the crisis families, the clients of the “Way Home”;
— Teenagers and youth aged 14-24, practicing the risk behavior;
— Parents from the HIV-risk families, working migrants and roma families;
— IDP families, including IDP people with special needs living in the reserved places..

Facebook page of the project



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