The Story of Andrey

Andrey is always happy when the children of the Fund are visiting the agricultural Fund of the “Way Home ”.  He like to take care of the fruit trees and vegetable plantations here and, of course, to collect the harvest. Looking at him one cannot imagine that six months ago this active child could not communicate to anyone and even wanted to escape from the Fund. 

Andrey is from a difficult family. For many reasons his mother could not pay attention to his son and had to bring him to the shelter of the Fund. Andrey was completely withdrawn from the children, did not want to communicate or take part in any activities of the Fund. The psychologist of the Fund pointed that it was twice difficult for him to be without his mother and in the unknown place. His mother also tried her best to explain the boy that it is better for him and his family that he stays at the Fund shelter for now. He slowly understood this and gradually his behavior changed. He started communicated with the teachers and the other children, his main interest was agriculture at the farm of the Fund (Libental settlement, Odessa region).

Now Andrey is a very active boy, he helps the children and the teachers. He explains everyone how important it is to grow one’s own harvest and that it is the most tasty – to eat the food that you grow yourself. The children listen to the explanations of the other children and are also waiting to visit the farm of the “Way Home” Foundation.  There they are not only spending weekends at the nature, but also could learn how to work at the farm and gain the important working skills and rest at the fresh air.

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