The Story of Anton

In the summer of 2009 the patrol of Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” found a woman and a child living on the open air, in the park of the city. The social workers of the Fund advised a woman to bring the 9-year-old Anton to the shelter of the Fund, where he would be able to receive all the necessary social and educational services.  While being at the Center of the Fund, we found out that the woman came of Odessa from far away in order to make living here, but could not succeed and found herself on the streets of Odessa, many miles away from their homeland.

Anton could fast and easily adapt to the new group of children that are also living at the shelter of the Way Home. Also, Anton went, together with other children, to the summer camp of the Foundation, at the sea coast. The camp could positively influence the child, despite the fact that Anton was the smallest child of the camp. Every child of the camp was happy to take care of the child while being together at the camp in order to help him adapt to the new circumstances.

At the end of the summer the children came back to Odessa to start the new school year. Anton went to the school, where other children of the Fund go, he went to his own class, and at the same tome had additional classes in order to catch the program of the primary school, since his knowledge was fat behind his age.

He took active part in the activities of the Fund, became a member of the soccer team of the Fund. He came to all the trainings and competitions, although he was the youngest among the children of the team!

Despite these good tendencies, the question of the future of the child was open. The Fund, as an NGO, could not provide him any documents. The mother was visiting the boy more and more seldom and finally she totally disappeared from his life. The only way was to bring the boy to the governmental internat, where he will be legalized and receive a proper education. Anton was explained by the social workers that he needs to change his environment again. Living in the governmental internat, the boy was coming to the Fund as often as he could. Then he had found his new family: the social worker that herself was left by her children long ago, became his caretaker.

In the fall of  2017 Anton had entered Odessa Naval Academy. He is dreaming on becoming a sailor. In his new uniform he came to the “Way Home” to share his plans for the future. «When I was small, I dreamt of becoming a soccer player.  Now I wish to become a sailor, to see the world. Without the “Way Home“ all this would not be possible. I am grateful to everyone who helped me to grow especially when I did not wish to change sometimes. Now I understand that everything you gave me was for good and was important. Thanks to you, I have my caretaker who always supports me. It is very important to me».

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