The Story of Pasha

Pasha is 7, he has just finished the first school year. Before school for few years he attended the Early Development Center “Smile” for children from crisis families, co-dependent families and HIV families, from 2 to 9, based on “The Way Home”.
The preschool teachers remember him as an absolutely uncontrollable child – when he just came to the center: «Pasha could not speak, it was very difficult to communicate with him. He constantly cried or was hysterical and aggressive, tried to run away to the street. He was a difficult child indeed». Specialists have stated the serious development retardation – his mother did not care about him, and most of the time the child was by himself. He could not establish any contact with the others, could not communicate with them.

«The child is a sponge – he is imbibing everything into himself. Pasha’s aggression was a reflection of what he experienced in his family, probably, every day», — the psychologists of “Smile” Center say. 

The specialists of the Center put a lot of efforts to adapt the child to the world. They have created an individual course of rehabilitation which included the work with a psychologist, logopedist and a teacher.  “Smile” puts attention not only to the child himself, but also to the parents, since most of the children come here from the very difficult families. Each family experience one or more of the following problems: one or both of the parents are addicted; the family has bad standards of living, inability to raise a child, the lack of time for the child and many others. Often the method of work here is a thematic play. Through the game children and parents can approach the life difficulties with more ease. They can go through difficulties and obstacles and find the right decisions – expressing flexibility and tolerance. The specialists worked with the mother of Pasha. Several talks were conducted, the problem topics revealed and the decisions were proposed. Also, the mother took part in some training’s and games for parents. The behavior of Pasha started changing. He could gradually join the children community, became more open in his communication with others. If at the beginning Pasha could not really participate in the group activities of the Center, after a while he started enjoying art and clay lessons as well as he started liking dance classes a lot. Logopedist lessons also brought results – Pasha learned to speak. Together with other children he can sing songs and recite poems.
With tears in his eyes he was saying goodbye to his mates – his time at preschool center “Smile” had finished and he was up to start his first school year.  
Children like Pasha , unfortunately, are so often to meet. But not always their parents are able to bring a child to the early development Center “Smile”. Some parents think they can cope with the situation alone, others are not ready to face their own helplessness as well as to see the reality of their child’s situation.

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