The Story of Veronica

Veronica was born in a large family with two sisters and a brother – in Kherson city. They all lived with their mother in an old rented house without hot water and a gas. While the father was out of the city for the earnings – the children were basically by themselves – the mother did not care well of them all, was drinking a lot.

The children stopped going to school, spending most of the time on the streets, begging for money. Soon the owners of the house decided to sell it and the family went to live on the street. The mother then found a lover, moved to him, but did not take the children, because he was against them living with the children.

The older daughter Nastya could contact the father, who worked in Odessa as a carpenter, and he took the children to him. The father himself applied for the help to the “Way Home” Charity Foundation, because it was hard for him as a man to cope with the four children. The Foundation decided to take all 4 children to life in a Center for a while, so that the children could have a stable social and psychological help. At that time, Nastya was 14, Veronica – 12, Valentin – 9 and Yaroslava was 4.

Since 2013 these children live in the Fund “Way Home” Center for the children. At the beginning children were quite closed to everyone. Veronica spent most of the day in her room, not participating in the life of the center. Every day she was meeting a psychologist, she hardly reacted on any encouragements to go out. The teachers made a great job to restore her school levels and knowledge, after that she could attend the regular school. Slowly the interaction with the children and the stuff became more open and trustful. She started attending the dance classes and pottery workshops in the “Way Home”. She started having interests and passions for dances and literature, to the education and sports.

Now Veronica wishes to become a professional photographer, she is attending the journalists club within the “Way Home” Center, and after school, she is going to apply to Odessa Theater College on the department of Photography.

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