The summer camp-2018. Day 1-10.

“Golubyie Dali” Camp-side meet the first camp shift of the children from the “Way Home” Foundation.  Right after arrival, the children, instead of going to the seaside, helped the adults and the administration to settle some routine matters, accommodation and duty shifting questions. The schedule of standbys were set up.  

The camp is neatly located at the edge of Morskoe settlement on the seashore. The houses, where the children stay are covered in greenery, there is a sports ground, quite many gazeboes, and a play yard for the children. The camping administration is giving a separate kitchen for the children of the “Way Home”, where they can store the food and cook it in a proper conditions.

After everything was settled, the children, together with the teachers, went for swimming to the seashore, after that they took a sunbath.
The children’s schedule is quite intense. The morning starts from the sports. The sleepy children go outside and start the day with the exercises on the fresh air. Then they have breakfast. The meals are nice here, and the children are very happy about it. After a breakfast they all go to the beach to swim and stay on the sun for a while. The sea is quite shallow here, but still the children are under a constant eye of the adults.

Here, on the sea coast, the children used to play different games, build send sculptures, which then are being taken by the sea, when the high tide comes. The children then create new sculptures- the creativity never stop flowing from them! The main thing is not to get burned on the sun, otherwise no one would be able to sleep for a few nights.

The adults created and leaded several competitions for the children. They were devided into teams and competed in running or overcoming hurdles. The everyone had sweets!

The life of the camping shift of the summer camp of the “Way Home” goes on. The children will have much more impressions and events on!



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