The summer camp brings together!

The summer camp, organized by the Way Home Foundation, helps children from crisis families to forget about their problems and immerse themselves in the positive atmosphere of a friendly team.

It’s July and the Way Home Foundation’s children continue to fully relax at the “Golubye Dali” camp site, located in the village of Morskoye, Mykolaiv region. Every day, they take part in sports events, games and even talent contests! All this helps them not only to distract from difficult life situations, but also to learn how to get along with each other, support friends and, of course, work in a team.

The children from the Way Home Foundation have got the opportunity to spend their summer holidays by the sea thanks to the support of Mark van Schaick B.V.

Since the camp has been open, the tutors managed to hold a lot of relays and exercises on teamwork, and thanks to that the children became much more close-knit. And the football match between two camps organized by the same tutors showed the guys how important it is to work smoothly together. 


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