The Summer Camp: day 11-20.

The summer vacation for the children from the poor families and families in crisis is going on. Here children are not only having rest and fun at the sea, but also play active and developing games.

“Twister” is one of the favorite games of the children in the camp. It allows children to train their physical skills, like strength and flexibility, as well as helping to learn to keep balance in different situations. This game is fun and everyone laughs a lot while playing!

Also, the children like to play table games, where they have to think over each stem they make. Here they can also discuss their steps with the adults and have answers to all of their questions, this is how education and learning work.

We want the children to have their happy childhood and do our best to attain this aim! But it is still hard for us to use only our own forces to sustain the summer camp. We are addressing to everyone, who cares for the children to support the summer camp this year. Only with common efforts we can provide the best social support for the children and families in crisis.

You can join our work for the children. Anyone is free to help us by any amount of money – to invest in organizing the summer camps for the children from crisis and poor families! Even a small amount of money can allow the children to enjoy the ice cream or fruits this summer!

Privat-Bank card number: 5169 3305 1314 9622  note “The Summer Camp”.

You can also support the children of the  “Way Home” Fund, using the paying system of the Fund HERE

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