The Summer Camp: day 21-32

Physical training plays great role among the activities of the summer camp of the “Way Home”.  Every morning all the children gather for the morning exercises with the trainer.

Several times a week the boys from the summer camp are having force-trainings. The girls, in their turn, had dance classes, they learn new dances to present them soon at the camp events.

Physical education and training is an essential part of the summer camp, the teachers pay great attention to it! We want children to grow healthy and strong, and remember the summer camps of the “Way Home” Fund.


We are grateful to everyone who joins us is making annual summer camps for the children and who believes in their happy and descent future!

You can join our work for the children. Anyone is free to help us by any amount of money – to invest in organizing the summer camps for the children from crisis and poor families! Even a small amount of money can allow the children to enjoy the ice cream or fruits this summer!

Privat-Bank card number: 5169 3305 1314 9622  note “The Summer Camp”.

You can also support the children of the  “Way Home” Fund, using the paying system of the Fund

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