The summer vacation goes on

It is one month since the summer camp for the children of the OCF “Way Home” begun. During this time, the children could really inhabit the place and have participated in various interesting events.

Children describe their summer camp life. “The day starts from waking up at 8. We wash, dress and go to the physical training that is leaded by our teacher Oxana. We do excursuses on the open air, and then go eat breakfast. After the meal, we are forwarding to the sea. It is only 5 minutes walk. And much faster of we are running there,” – says Andrey.

“I love the sea/ Here We play, swim, build and decorate the sand sculptures. Recently we have made a mermaid from me: my friends digged me in sand and made a fish-tale from my feet – and put the sea weed on them. But sooner or later I had to stand up, so the mermaid sculpture was broken,” – says Pasha, the child from the “Sunrise center, who now is in the second grade of school.

“After the sea we come back to the camp, to have lunch and rest. It is quite hot in the afternoon, so we are walking in the woods and in the shade in order to have a heat stroke. After lunch we are resting in the rooms, some of the children are on duty in the kitchen, if it is their turn. After rest, we gather again and play games in the rooms until the heat goes away and we can go to the sea again. “ – Ira says.

“My favorite time starts in the evening, when it is not so hot anymore and we can go play soccer. Once we have tried to play in the afternoon, but the sun was so bright that it was impossible. But evening time is the best for playing. When the other team comes, first we pretend that we play bad, but then show the partners our strength. We are playing well together and usually win the local teams, so now we have decided to share our players, so that the strengths of the teams will be equal.”

The teachers are also speaking about the camp life.

“We do our best to make the summer time at the camp of the “Way Home” Fund the most interesting for the children and most beneficial for  their health. Most of the time we dedicate to the different aspects of the children’s development – both, intellectual and physical. We play games, organize quests, making games that provide knowledge for the children. And of course, we do sports every day. In the evening, I lead the advanced trainings for the children, but, of course, always tune the intensity to the abilities of the children. It is easier to strengthen the health of children in the summer, make them strong,” – Oxana says.

“Children love the quests, they enjoy running, searching for the things. We have organized the quests for the children, and the children have always created their own quest. The whole day they were running around the base, hided the secrets, draw the map, prepared the presents, and in the evening made the game happen. It was very interesting, everyone was happy about the way it went and the prizes they got.” – says Inna.

“The children enjoy communicating, so we try to pay attention to every single child and to all the children equally. Children often approach us with their problems, asking our opinion, and we do our best to support and direct the child at our best. Also I am leading group meetings and games, draw, read and chat together,” – says Natalia, the psychologist.


This is how the everyday life at the cam is organized. Children enjoy every moment of it and the teachers do the best to create unforgettable memories for them. They wish the summer was much longer. Arthur is saying it straight: “I wish the summertime never ends, so that we can play and rest all year round. But I understand that there will be a time when I will go to Odessa and start my school year. But for now I do not want to go there”.

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