The “Sustainability of the HIV services” pilot project showed the city official s the sustainable model of HIV services for the HIV risk-groups of people.

May 22-23, 2018. The training on the “Sustainability of the medical HIV services for the people of risk-groups and people having HIV, at the local medical hospitals” took place for the representatives of the city and regional officials, working in the medical field of Odessa.

The pilot project “Sustainability of the HIV services” that is being realized by the “Way Home” under the support of USAid. The aim of the project  – to create a sustainable system of HIV services for the people with high risk of being infected ad people already having HIV.

The aim of the project – to increase the managing potential among the heads of the local governments (hospitals and other administrational institutions, especially medical ones) in the fieald of the medical HIV-services in the period of the medical reform I Ukraine.

The participants were deeply informed with the pilot project that was implemented in Belgorod-Dnestrovsk city and region. The accent of the training was put on the organizational and methodological competences in building a sustainable model of HIV services within local structures. The participants learned to make qualitative analisis of the HIV situation in the ared, to analize the specific aspects of the needs of the local people in HIV services etc.

The head trainer and the consultant of the project, Alexander Neduzhko, said that the participamts collected a lot of questions on implementing the services into the present medical system reform and the role of the local medical offices in providing HIV services to the people. «There are many open  questions in the regional administrations on how to organize the HIV services on places, how to collect the budgets, to train the medical specialists, etc. The training not only answered these questions, but alsogave the administrations the ways to organize the systematic services». It was important that all the perticipants were highly aware of the importance of the HIV services at the primal medical offices. Now the question is how to be able to implement the system with the minmum budget, but with the high quality of service».



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