The “Way Home” congratulated over 70 children from the difficult families with the International Day of Children.

June 1, 2018. The big party was organized by the “Way Home” inside the Fund for the children, dedicated to the Internationsl Vhildren’s Day.

The party was organized to the kindergarten and primary school children from crisis families and families in difficulty, as well as the IDP families. Games, competitions, presents, popcorn and other surprises were organized for the children that day.

Olga Alexeeva, the organizer of the event, sais: “ Annually on this day we are trying our best to bring an atmosphere of a holiday to the lives of the children of the Fund. It is very important for  us to make them feele really like children and be happy ». Mny people of the city joined the preparation for the holiday. Thank you to everyone, who took care of the holiday and helped us as a volunteer.

At the end of the day the children were all invited to the “sweet table” and were presented gifts. 

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