The “Way Home” Foundation is bringing the Ukrainian soccer team to the World street soccer championship!

The Ukrainian team of the street soccer is going to Oslo to attend the Homeless World Cup that will take place is Oslo, Norway, on August 29-September2. 2017.  The Cup is not just a competition, but  a global social event aiming to become a mean for the social adaptation of the people in difficult life circumstances. The National street soccer team of Ukraine is forwarding Oslo in good shape and the leaders of the team say that they are looking forward to be successful at the Cup.

The chief coordinator of the Ukrainian team is the “Way Home” Odessa charity Foundation.

All matches will take place at several fields of the championship: Rådhusplassen of Olso, and the old fortress of Oslo, the Akershus festning, where some venues will also take place.

The Ukrainian team also got to know the other teams that came from Czech republic, Greece, Egypt, Scotland and Portugal. Scottish and Portuguese teams are the most dangerous ones among this year participants. The Egyptian team is the one that is hard to be characterized.

The detailed information on the history of the participation of the Ukrainian team at the Homeless World Cup can be found here.

 Vlad Britkovski, the trainer of the team says: “The preparations to the Cup were very intense, although we did not have enough time. We could make some games with the participants of the previous World Cups and these games were important for the present team. The tournament is very intense and any mistake can lead to us leaving the play-off . So we will do our best to stay in good shape for the Cup”.

The slogan of the tournament: The Ball that Changes the World.

It’s not the ultimate goal of the Ukrainian team to win the World Cup, the main thing for us is to participate, play good and be remembered as a good street soccer team. We are wishing the Ukrainian team all the best!

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