The Way Home Foundation opens the Montessori class

The Way Home Foundation opens the Montessori class. So right now children from families with difficult life circumstances can explore the world in the spirit of humanistic pedagogy.

But what is the Montessori method of education? This is a method (or rather a system) based on the principles of the freedom of the child (sure, within the established limits), its independence and – the most important – its natural psychological, physical, and social development.

In order to create the right atmosphere, the Foundation’s staff equipped a special room. This spacious studio is filled with light and air. The colors of its interior are calm, neutral, and don’t distract the children’s attention.

In the best traditions of this pedagogical direction, the Montessori class organizers divided it into areas of practical life skills, understanding the world, sensory development, creative activity, mathematics, language, and so on.

Teachers using the Montessori system have already begun to actively work with kids from the Way Home Foundation. So in the nearest future we will be able to observe the positive impact of this approach on the development of the children’s social skills.

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