The “Way Home Fund” is distributing humanitarian aid

January 16, 2018, the distributing of the humanitarian aid, received by the Fund started, after 2-day process of sorting the goods.

The distribution of goods for the families in difficult life circumstances is taking place at Myasoedovskaya st, 46, in one of the centers of the Fund. There is a stationery point of goods distribution. In order to receive the help, one needs to bring the copies of passport and ID Number document. One also had to write a petition letter. Because of many people in need one person can only get 10 kg of goods per person – but this announcement meet understanding is the clients of the Fund.

Humanitarian aid can be received at the following addresses:

Sofievskaya st.,10

Myasoedovskaya st.,46 
Contact number: 777-20-76 , 711-18-18

The warm clothes was also distributed to the children, living in the “Way Home”. Also, aid can be received by the families in difficult life situation (bringing the mentioned documents is necessary). Apart from this, the next few days the help will be provided to the IDP families from Donetsk and Lugansk. The clothes for the smallest babies will be forwarded to the Social Center of mother and child care.

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