The «Way Home», in coordination with the city and regional administration of Belgorod-Dnestrovsk has presented the analysis of the recent HIV situation in the area.

September 22, 2017, the “Way Home” together with the regional administration had presenter the situational analysis of the HIV epidemics in the area.  The analysis was prepared by the team of the pilot project “Sustainability of the HIV services” that is being realized by the “Way Home” under the support of USAid. 

The situational analysis for the Belgorod Dnestrovsk and the region also contains the recommendations on providing the better services and improving the sustainability of the medical and social services, connected to HIV.

The issued analysis is printed for the local administrations representatives, healthcare specialists, NGOs, working for the HVV/AIDS prevention.  Alla Ginak, the head of the city administration, stated: “Sustainability” project keeps bringing the results, Today we will present the “Situational analysis. It’s not only the document, stating the rates and numbers of the epidemics, but a practical guideline for the HIV prevention for the administrational organizations”.
Valentina Orlova, the deputy head of the city administration said: “The HIV problem in the area remains hot, city and local administrations are aware of that fact. We hope that the presented situational analysis would help us to put the HIV services on a new level. The key aspect of our work is to provide it continuously and effectively for all the associated risk groups as well as people already living with HIV”

Alexander Postnov, the author of the situational analysis and the consultant of the pilot project “Sustainability” said:”the slogan “Do the right things right” should be completely applied to our work. Any reform should start from the deep analysis of the situation, revealing the right actions and the lacking elements of the services. This is what we were trying our best to do in this analysis in frames of the “Sustainability of the HIV services” project to put together all the recommendations for the medical and social services associated with HIV”.


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