The “Way Home” is sharing experience

The Reni charity Fund “New Home” will use the strategies, formed by the “Way Home” Odessa charity Foundation in its work.

For the long period of its functioning, Odessa Charity Foundation “Way Home” is implementing not only programs for the social support and children rights support, but is also helping other NGOs, working in the same field, to develop their potential.

In the end of June, 2019, the “Way Home” together with the city administration of Reni town and the NGO “New Home” issued the regulations of the Childrens Social Help Center. Now the Reni NGO will work in the field of children violence prevention and provide social assistance to the children living in difficult life situations. This work will be base on the strategies, formed by the specialists of the  “Way Home”, that were created from the long-term experience and wide field of actual data.

The new approach that will be implemented by Reni NGO is fully matching the aims of creating an equal access to the social services for the children in both – big cities and small towns.

It is important to mark a high activity of the Reni city administration in the field, showing a high level of collaboration between the governmental and civic institutions in the region.

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